The Roosevelt Coffeehouse Session | 2019 Senior Kenzi K.

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of working with Kenzi a 2019 senior from Reynoldsburg High School for a fun photoshoot at a local coffee shop here in Columbus. I had never been to The Roosevelt Coffeehouse but had seen that a lot of people go there to work, hangout & study. I also love that they are supporting the efforts to help those who are affected by unclean water, hunger and human trafficking.

There were a few things I noticed during my time there. First it was PACKED! I didn't take into consideration that it was finals week & there are two local colleges in the area. Even though it was crowded we were still able to find a table & even got a window seat soon after to take some cool shots. Second the staff was AMAZING! I had contacted someone from their Instagram a few days before to get permission to take pictures there. They were so friendly and welcoming. Ordering was fast and easy! I will definitely be going back soon for hot chocolate since I'm not a coffee drinker.

The Roosevelt Coffeehouse Hot Chocolate

The Roosevelt Coffeehouse Hot Chocolate

Girl sitting at a table posing inside roosevelt coffeehouse on long street in columbus, ohio
senior girl looking down at a cup of hot chocolate she is holding in her hands. 
senior girl posing on a blue stool inside roosevelt coffeehouse

We started Kenzi's shoot in the coffeehouse and finished outside. I'd been wanting to try shooting through a window for a while so I'm glad I got the opportunity to do so. Next time I will try to time it so there are no cars parked in front, but I am pleased with the results.

photograph through the window of a girl sitting at a table with hot chocloate 
girl smiling at a table 
a girl sitting at a table with hot chocolate looking at the camera

We decided to try an impromptu Ugly Location Challenge. I definitely want to try this again with a senior model! It was a lot of fun and challenged me to be creative and look at things differently. 

cars parked in front of a purple wall in downtown columbus, ohio
line of trash cans on the curb
girl posing in front of a purple wall
girl posing in front of trash cans
road closed sign in an alley way
senior girl posing in front of construction sign in downtown columbus.
girl posing in front of a brick wall in downtown columbus, ohio
Regina Lynn Photography