Creating the Perfect Plum Pink Smokey Eye


How to create a Smokey eye that isn’t too dramatic?

A perfect Smokey eye can create a youthful, alluring and sexy look for your eyes.

From cut crease to natural shadows, the smokey eye look is the most alluring masterpiece. Not only is it super easy to create and perfect, this look can be changed and contrasted with tons of color schemes and makeup genres. If you’re going for more of a dramatic runway look just add darker browns or blacks in the outer creases of your eyelids. Whether you’re planning on attending a family event or going out with friends, the Smokey eye can range from natural to glam in the snap of a finger.

Step 1: (Optional) Apply a cream or liquid primer over your eyelids to create a strong and smooth base for your eye shadow.  – Urban Decay Eye Fix 20$



Step 2: Using a more compact eye shadow brush, apply a tan base to upper eyelid and sweep the powder close to the outer crease for more of a dramatic look. Make sure to tap excess eye shadow before apply to prevent non-blended shadows. – Anastasia Modern Renaissance 40$


Step 3: With a fluffier brush, on the eyelid platform, choose a darker pink or plum color to create a contrast for your smokey eye. (“Love Letter” or “Red Ochre” in Modern Renaissance palette)

Step 4: Sweep a brown or black shadow in the eye shadow crease towards the outer part of your eye with a fluffy brush. Ladies, don’t forget to blend, blend, blend! This simple step can make your Smokey eye go from a ten to one. (“Cyprus Umber” in Modern Renaissance)



Step 5: Then with a very compact brush add a sparkly shadows to the center of your eyelid. Make sure not to apply to much, we want to be able to see your contrast and blend job with the other shadows. (“Vermeer” or “Primavera” in Modern Renaissance)

Step 6: Apply a tan shadow on the lower eyelid to connect your shadow from the outer crease. You can also add black eyeliner to your water line if needed.


Step 7: (Optional) Apply mascara and falsies for a finished touch. – Ardell Lashes 5$

The smokey eye look has become a popular sported makeup look for many celebrities, and even though they pay someone to create their makeup looks, by simply following these instructions the blending and smudging needed for this look will become natural over time.

Regina Lynn Photography