Fall Trends for 2017

The time is approaching for leggings, vests, jackets, and sweaters, which calls for shopping. We all do a bit of shopping before a new season begins to prepare ourselves for the climate change, and it is always fun to prepare for the season of pumpkin spice and everything nice. The staple items you need to include to your fall wardrobe this year will be listed down below.

1. Green Jacket

    This staple item is a must for the fall season. You can piece this item with leggings, jeans, and scarves. It completes almost every fall outfit and the classic olive green color will have you rocking the fall shades.


2. Scarves

    Throwing on a scarf takes your outfit to a new level. Scarves keep you warm and make it look like you tried a little extra to get ready. There are a variety of patterns and colors to perfect your outfit this season.


3. Boots

    Leather boots, ugg boots, booties, all boots are welcomed for the fall season. Leather boots always go good with jeans and leggings. With Ugg boots you can dress them up or down. To dress them down wear your ugg boots with a hoodie and leggings, on the other hand to dress them up you can pair the boots up with a green jacket and a scarf making you look a bit dressed up. Booties are a must for fall dresses. Overall fall is the main season to wear your boots no matter the type of boot.


4. Cardigans

    Cardigans pair up with scarves to make a perfect fall outfit plus both fashion pieces keep you nice and warm. The great thing about cardigans is that they go well with jeans, leggings, dresses, and much more. 


5. Flannels

    Flannels compliment everyone, they go well with leggings, boots, jeans, and are super comfy. 


6. Boot Socks

   These socks go perfect with those knee high boots and give your outfit and extra spark.

7. Vests

   Throw a vest on with a long sleeved shirt and a scarf with some boots,  you’ll have a killer outfit this fall.