How to Choose the Right Photographer for Senior Pictures: 6 Things To Look For!

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The time has finally come! It's your senior year of high school and it’s time to start planning and researching photographers for your senior photos! 

Not everyone chooses to get senior portraits taken, but for those who do, finding the right photographer can be challenging. Here are a few things that you should look for when choosing a senior photographer!

1. Someone Who Cares!

Find a photographer who cares about what you want. This is probably the most important factor to consider when searching for a senior portrait photographer. You don’t want to get someone who just cares about the money that they will make. It is important to find someone who truly wants to provide you with more than just a service but a experience and relationship. Your senior session is all about you! The photographer is suppose to assist you in creating a vision for your photos and provide professional advice. 

2. Style 

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Make sure you review the photographers portfolio! Are their images what you want your senior portraits to look like? You might notice that my personal shooting style is natural, colorful and modern. Other photographers might be more edgy or airy. Choose a photographer whose style suites your personality and personal style.

3. Editing

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My editing style is very clean and natural. I want my senior clients to look like themselves, so I do not airbrush your skin. I keep it’s natural texture and remove blemishes and minor skin problems that are not permanent, like acne scars and pimples. 


4. Professional Hair and Makeup

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Great makeup and hair are ESSENTIAL to a great photograph! Does the photographer offer professional hair and/or makeup? I offer professional makeup and hair styling to all of my high school senior clients. My hair and makeup artist is amazing at what she does & can provide a variety of looks including the most popular natural look!

5. Products

After your senior session, depending on your photographer, two things will happen. One might send you an online gallery of all of your images and you and your parents will be responsible for printing them. Or if your photographer is like me, then they will help you select the best products to fit your needs and wants. I use a professional printing lab to ensure that all of your products are high quality and last a lifetime. 

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6. Experience 

Fact: Anyone can take a photo. Your friend who got a nice camera for Christmas could take your senior photos. But can your friend create amazing images that can be displayed around your home and dorm room that will last for years. I’m guessing they can’t. The Regina Lynn Photography Senior Experience starts from the moment you inquire about senior portraits! I’m here to make sure that you not only get amazing looking photos but have a fun time throughout the process.

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